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About Us

Lock and Load Transport is committed to providing a range of innovatively safer, quality transport restraint products that our customers can use with confidence.

At the heart of Lock and Load Transport USA, we are a family owned and run business that enjoys motorsport, trail riding, dirt bikes, sports cars, boating, fishing, and various other recreational activities. While we are always looking to create memories and have fun, the SAFETY of those that we participate with and the equipment we use is of paramount importance – especially when getting to and from our destination. At the end of every adventure, we want to make sure we are healthy and happy, and the tools, equipment and vehicles we use are protected. We achieve this by using safe, user friendly products of the highest quality to make sure that the people and the things we love the most return home safely.



At Lock and Load Transport USA we are committed to bringing innovatively safer, more quality products to the market for all your transportation tie down needs. Innovations such as fluorescent color and reflective stitching for night use, retractable tie downs to prevent unraveling, comfortable yet cut resistant safety gloves, and many more safety-oriented products. We believe that there are too many cheap products on the market, and we want our customers to know that such products generally offer poor quality and often cause unexpected damage to their assets. At Lock and Load Transport USA we aim to educate our customers on how to support the longevity of their assets by using our quality product range. By providing supporting documentation and educational videos showing correct installation and operational procedures, we know our customer will have the best experience possible when using our products.


Our vision is to see Lock and Load products being used by everyone; from the home handyman, all the way to the professional race team – providing ALL of our customers the peace of mind that whatever they are transporting is safe, secure and tied down properly. Getting to and from your destination safely – whether it be the landfill or the racetrack, is of paramount importance to us at Lock and Load, and it’s why our products are built to a standard, not a budget. At Lock and Load Transport USA, the safety of your family, assets and equipment is what motivates us to provide the best quality products that we can. We want to make sure that YOU, our customer, has the best possible experience using our products. We strive to cultivate a culture of safety throughout our community and industry and hope you will become as excited about using our products as we are. Be healthy, be intentional, be involved, and be safe. Enjoy life knowing you have your quality Lock and Load Transport USA products for all situations. Check out our product range today.